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K-Laser to Treat Skin and Nail Conditions

Nail fungus infection is a condition which is embarrassing and can be painful to many people. We are the premier providers of the new state of the art K-LASER. It is used for the eradication of "THICK UGLY TOENAILS".

Using this revolutionary treatment, in just 15 minutes, this laser can kill the pathogens that cause "THICK UGLY TOENAILS". On site, in our state of the art office. Safe and without discomfort. NO ANESTHETIC NEEDED.

It has shown an 90% effective rate (Consumers Reports 07/10) compared to topical treatments that provide 8% - 15% effective rate after many months/ years of treatment. This leaves significant improvement in the health and appearance of the toenails.

Since this fungal laser treatment is drug free, there are none of the potential side effects such as liver enzyme elevation or drug interactions. There is also no need for blood test monitoring.

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